Blogging from a third world especially this one in which I live can be somewhat of a challenge. When its not the total shutdown of power that stretches on for months, it is bad network reception that denies you access to the internet for hours on end or a broken, battered and ancient laptop that you are stuck with because there is not enough to scrape together after the daily business of just surviving, to get a new one.

But then did bitching and whining ever solve any problems! So here is my first post in a long time. Its kind of gloomy but I hope you understand.

Last night I woke

With a start on the world’s edge

As I stared into the infinite oblivion 

I had plans to conquer the universe:

An intergalactic Genghis Khan 

But I did not know where to start 

So I laid my head for a moment

To marshal my thoughts 

And this morning I woke 

Locked away in the skin of this

Proverbial Tom, Dick and Harry.