Come! Come out and vote
Democracy is the new way
Be not deformed but take note
Representation has come to stay

Come! Come out and play
Your civic role. For to pray
Has its place but you must today
Suffer the ballot to have your way

Come! Come out and press fast
Yours thumbs against this crest
Heed not the lure of the rest
And stay till every vote cast
Is counted to the very last

Come! Come out and awe
At him in the starched brocade
The fruit of the thing you sought
The prize of costly votes cheaply bought

True he has come before
But pay that no mind
For he is the rare leopard
That has washed off its spots
He is the born again reformer
The reformed redeemer

©Uzezi Ologe

Photo: Bayo Omoboriowo


This poem ‘Global Best Practice’ tries to picture the practice of democracy and elections in developing countries like Nigeria. It calls into question the tragedy of recycling failed leaders who constantly re-present themselves for re-election and the electorate who continually support them.

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