As people, how hard we try but daily find ourselves falling from grace!

As creatures of dust and clay I do not think we are equipped to make Heaven

For these people who love God but everyday fall short of His standard yet are essentially good people striving to live right and do good, I believe there should be a special place for us – a place probably not as perfect as Heaven but not so terrible as hell

PS: I’m not talking about purgatory or limbo here! I’m talking about an entirely new neighborhood. A new constituency for the black sheep of God’s family

So if Heaven gets light 24/7, they can give us light like three or 4½ days of the week

If Heaven’s citizens get 5-course meals daily, they can just give us the normal rice and stew with water

And for the regular ‘Heavenly hallelujah’ concerts, we won’t mind watching from our TVs

Just thinking aloud…

Image: Michael Sowa